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What makes our masterclass different?

Learn & implement

Implement your learning into action by creating real-life projects to have a well-rounded understanding

Connect with the community

Share and indulge in new perspectives by being a part of group sessions that actively motivate you to explore.

In-person sessions with experts

Interact with professionals in the industry to maximize your understanding of the subject.

Limited seats

We will accept a maximum of 15-20 participants for one batch.

Don’t just get educated, get trained.

Not just another online course, we want to meet you personally and get to know you so we can ACTUALLY give you personalised help with your brand because we believe every brand has its own story and generic online courses just DON’T do it

What will you learn?
An Experience that gets you industry-ready

What your teachers didn’t teach you

Learn how the big players roll in the branding game and get in the field as we teach you the ins & outs of executing a brand campaign.

Brainstorm your ideas with experts and bring them to life through storytelling techniques.

Learn professional design tools to let your story speak for itself through creatives.

Draft your brand story in a script & storyboard, as you grab a camera and learn commercial video production.

Learn Facebook Ad Manager and Google AdWords to generate traffic and leads like an expert.

Get insights about automation funnels, email marketing, and remarketing tools to make your business run on automation.

Get hands-on experience in all the software used by digital marketing experts

Brand Campaigns

Creative Content

Storytelling Video Production

Lead Generation

Automation Funnels

Who this masterclass is for:



Session 1

Branding & Brand Campaign Development

Understand the basics of brand standards and brand guidelines and learn the entire branding process and the theoretical concepts related to it.

Session 2 

Content & Design Creation

Learn the use of Keywords in order to tell your client’s stories, gaining a deep understanding of all the design theories and skills.

Session 3

Filmmaking & Video Production

Gain complete mastery over scripts, storyboarding, lenses, lighting, sound recording, different types of shots, cinematography, and all other technicalities of video production.

Session 4

Lead Generation

Learn the different stages of effective lead generation along with the different tools integrated with the process of lead generation.


Session 1

Branding & Brand Campaign Development

Implement your learnings and create your very own brand campaign using all the guidelines and techniques discussed in the first session.

Session 2 

Content & Design Creation

Use Adobe Photoshop to transform your creative imagination into designs of several formats by implementing your previous session’s learnings.   

Session 3

Filmmaking & Video Production

Use your technical knowledge of video production and storytelling for editing your video using the professional Adobe Premier Pro software.

Session 4

Lead Generation

Create effective Facebook Lead Generation campaigns that attract interest & get the leads to visit your landing page or sign-up with your company.

Got a busy schedule?

Gain the knowledge of all sessions in just a day or two with our exclusive packages.

AED 1888/- for one day (Xpertise Masterclass)

4 sessions included | 8 hours

AED 3688/- for two days (Xpertise Advanced Masterclass)

All sessions included | 8 hours each day

Book all the sessions of Module 1 & Module 2 at just AED 3400/- (Save 15%)

We’re Xpertise! THE digital marketing agency that has been crowned the Brand Setters of the Emirates, why? Because we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the market and helped them develop and execute incredibly successful brand campaigns. So, it’s safe to say, we know our stuff and can’t wait to teach you everything we know!

Showcase your projects

Once you’ve elevated your digital marketing game with us, you will be rewarded with a certificate that will include a QR code linked to your completed course project so you can show off your skills to the world!

Learn From the leading professionals in the industry

Ahsan Yaqoob

Brand Strategist & Author

Anvita Kakkar

Brand Director

Dikshant Rudra

Video Production Director

Deepak PP

Lead Magnet/ Web Master

Daniel Dmello

Creative Director/ Content King


Upon completion of this digital marketing course, you will receive a certificate from our company. Additionally, we will also issue a letter of recommendation that will help you pursue a career in digital marketing.

Once you’ve completed the course and your project has been approved by our team, you have a chance to become a part of Xpertise! Best of luck!

The best performer in the course will be given a special mention on our brand’s website which he/she can use as an achievement in their portfolio.

YES! We want to meet you and work with you face-to-face.

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